Bechdel Test Fest – April 27

Bechdel Test Fest – April 27


Tickets on sale at the TCA Box Office,, (480) 350-2822  

4:00 – SHORTS (plays and films)

Tickets: $15 general admission / $10 students & seniors plus service fees

 Apricot – Australia,  5 min

DIRECTOR: Lara Del Arte

A dark comedy where wisdom meets youthful ingenuity in a battle of wits and (breakfast) loops.

June in January – U.S.A.,  12 mins

DIRECTOR: Athena Wheaton

A young woman looks up her former teacher to address their past and seek closure.

Scattered – Canada,  10 mins
Bridge Bechdel Honorable Mention

DIRECTOR: Ellie Harvey

Two friends scatter their friend’s ashes in the woods, by a stream.

Lilies from Iron by Alison Campbell & Ann Marie Wilding 

DIRECTOR: Daniela Crispo Talarico
PSM: Erin Tucker
CAST: Nikki Hicks, Kia Phelan, Ben Rojek

Millennials’ friendship and loyalty are tested in the aftermath of a sexual assault incident on a college campus.

Is it Cold in Here?

DIRECTOR: Melissa Toomey
PSM: Avery Volk
CAST:  Jaime Fox, James Gooden, Ann Harper, Cindy Pruett

A comedy about death inspired by an actual conversation between the playwright’s mother and aunt.

7:00 –   A Land Shaped by Women  &  An Ocean of Bees

Tickets: $15 general admission / $10 students & seniors plus service fees


A Land Shaped by Women – Iceland. 25 mins
Bridge Bechdel Honorable Mention 

DIRECTOR: Anna-Flore Marxer

Gender equality has a long history and a special status in Iceland. As their travel unfolds, playing in the mountains, in the waves or under the spectacular northern lights, two female snowboarders introduce viewers to the iconic Icelandic women they met along the way. (You can download the film here.)

An Ocean of Bees by Susan Hansell
Arizona winner

DIRECTOR: Amanda Noel Trombley
PSM + DRAMATURG: Rebekah Weagraff Eyre
CAST: Yessi Bastarrachea, Shaphan David Seiders, Justin Hosten, Shae Kennedy-Leonard 

Mining the anxieties in our current landscape, Hansell presents a post-apocalyptic, post-environmental-collapse depiction of the future. Four souls try to grasp what traits we humans might need, and which we might need to jettison, to survive.


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