Bechdel Test Fest – April 28

Bechdel Test Fest – April 28


Tickets on sale at the TCA Box Office,, (480) 350-2822  

12:00 – Audition Workshop 

Tickets: $15 / $10 student/senior plus box office fees


Panelists: Laura Durant (Durant Casting), Amanda Melby (Verve Studios, “Raising Buchanan“),
Betsy Mugavero (Southwest Shakespeare Company), Ralph Remington (Tempe Center for the Arts),
Brenda Jean Foley (The Bridge Initiative)

This panel of professional directors and casting directors from both theatre and film will discuss audition and callback best practices. 12 participants will have the opportunity to audition with prepared sides and receive feedback from the panel. Send headshot/resume to to sign up for an “audition” spot ASAP as they will go quickly. You can attend the workshop and not audition; you will be welcome to participate in the Q&A.

2:00 – Mother’s Way & The Way North  

Tickets: $15 / $10 student/senior plus box office fees

Mother’s Way – France, 8 mins
Bridge Bechdel Grand Prize

Created By: Shannon Renaudeau

Pregnancy can be eagerly awaited, unexpected, welcome, and not. A funny, poignant riff on what happens when that test comes back!

The Way North by Tira Palmquist
National Runner-Up

DIRECTOR: Mike Traylor
PSM: Taylor Moschetti
CAST: Karen Kirkland, Tom Koelbel, Shonda Royall, Sasha Wordlaw

When a lost, cold and very pregnant young woman stumbles on to her rural homestead in the Minnesota wilderness, Freddy Hansen doesn’t hesitate to take her in. It’s the right thing to do, and as the county’s former Sheriff, Freddy has dedicated her life to protecting and serving others. But when her new guest turns out to be a Sudanese refugee making a run for the Canadian border, what it means to protect and serve becomes a more complicated, and far more dangerous, question.

4:00 – Awards ceremony


including new AUDIENCE AWARDS to be voted on throughout the festival  

5:00 – Closing party @ Rula Bula, 401 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281 (NO COVER)


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