Resources for Broadway Book Club – October

About Our Guests

A short primer on the incomparable
Kelli James Chase
Can you find her in there? Before she made history as the first North American Eponine in Broadway’s Les Miz, Kelli made history as part of the original Broadway company as a whore and an understudy for a young boy. And she got to be part of this badass performance at the Tony Awards!

Deep Background

A recent live stream by one of our favorite hosts from one of our favorite podcasts.
If you want a crash course on the history of the most American of all art forms, musical theater, subscribe to David Armstrong’s BROADWAY NATION

Musical Tomfoolery

We’ve been obsessed with this classic scene from FAME with Broadway legends
Debbie Allen and Gwen Verdon.
And because a light went out on Broadway recently, we should all take a moment and remember Ann Reinking.