Our Mission

The Bridge Initiative uses theatre to amplify historically underrepresented voices and build community, leading with gender parity.

Our Vision

The Bridge Initiative builds bridges between underrepresented groups and majority stakeholders. To this end, we:

  • Aspire to anti-racism and amplification of all marginalized populations
  • Hire majority female/trans/non-binary creative teams
  • Provide equitable compensation for all production positions on and offstage
  • Engage with the media
  • Partner with other theatre companies locally and nationally
  • Host community conversations
  • Empower emerging and established local artists from marginalized groups to attain leadership positions
  • Center access for both artists and audience
  • Remain open to unanticipated projects that widen our inclusivity and reach

 Core Values

  • Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Creation of Safe/Brave Spaces
  • Professionalism
  • Education & Lifelong Learning